Septico Septic Tank Conditioner is an organic and effective bacterial preparation that has been used for the maintenance of septic tanks in many countries of the world for over fifty years.
  • Kills unpleasant smells
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Harmless to humans and livestock
  • Dramatically reduces emptying frequency
  • Helps free grease traps
  • Cleans the sewage system
  • Micro-fungi and bacterial preparation
  • Unaffected by detergents
  • Also useful for cattle barns, poultry runs, chemical toilets etc.


This Organic Conditioner will vegetate billions of harmless micro-organisms which oxidise the impurities in septic tanks. Under favourable conitions Septico also kills unpleasant smells and renders harmless not only body waste, but other foreign matter including paper which is often present in large quantities.
Septico Septic Tank Conditioner in now designed to be simply flushed down the toilet.
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