Septico – Powerful Bio-Technology.



Septico septic tank treatment has been supplied and used repeatedly for over 50 years!

We are a private company based in Derbyshire, England and are dedicated to the development and supply of safe and effective products for use in the home and garden.

Nicola Jones is our managing director and leads a team of people who have many years experience of creating and producing a variety of home and garden products.

Nic (Nicola) says “at Septico, we are a team of like minded people who are socially and environmentally responsible. We embrace learning, creativity and diversity and are dedicated to the business of supplying family friendly products”

With some exciting new products in the pipeline we look forward to building a range of products that will give people the tools they need to keep their households well maintained, to highest levels of hygiene, without the use of harsh chemicals.

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17 Dove Meadow, Spondon, Derby, England, DE21 7TZ
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm