Frequently asked questions

Septic tanks rely upon a healthy population of certain bacteria types in order to function well. Bacteria are tiny living beings (microorganisms). They eat the sewage, fats and grease contained in the septic tank, turning solids into water. Without this activity the solid matter in the tank can exceed the levels that allow it to flow properly. Generally speaking if the solid matter exceeds 1/3 of the tanks capacity it runs a serious risk of backing up and blocking – the smell will also be stronger.

Bacteria are alive and like all living organisms they will die. The use of bleach and harsh chemical cleaners will also kill bacteria. The regular use of Septico’s bacterial septic tank treatment will maintain a healthy and active septic tank and keep it working effectively.

Yes – by using Septico’s septic tank treatment at the recommended frequency. Your tank will stay healthy and not fill up as quickly as it would otherwise do, thereby reducing expensive emptying costs and the risks of blockages.

Yes – Septico is an organic septic tank treatment and is safe and effective. It is totally harmless to people, including young children, pets and plants.